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  • Laser Optics 2014
  • Laser Optics 2014
  • Laser Optics 2014
  • Laser Optics 2014


The Conference "Laser Optics" is the traditional international event, organized in the field of laser physics, quantum electronics, photonics, and optical engineering.
In 2016 the Conference "Laser Optics" will be a part of the International Congress "Lasers and Photonics". Registration to the Conference "Laser Optics" allows free access to all the technical sessions of the Congress (as a non-speaker).

The Plenary Session of the Congress "Lasers and Photonics" will be held at the Holiday Inn Moskovskye Vorota Hotel on Monday, June 27.
We are pleased to announce the list of Plenary Speakers:

Boris N. Chichkov
Institut fur Quantenoptik, Leibniz Universitat Hannover and Laser Zentrum, Germany
"3D laser printing of nanoparticles and living cells"

Mathias Fink
Institut Langevin, ESPCI ParisTech, France
"Wave control with space-time manipulations"

Stefan Maier
Imperial College London, UK
"Applications of plasmonic and dielectric nanoantennas in nanophotonics"

Viktor D. Shargorodskiy
OJSC "RPC "Precision Systems and Instruments", Russia
“Optoelectronic and laser systems for space research, global navigation and space geodesy at the implementation stage”

Eli Yablonovitch
UC Berkeley, USA
“Why we need to replace the transistor and what would be  the newly required material properties”

On July 11, 2016, will be the 100th anniversary of the birth of Alexander Mikhailovich Prokhorov. Professor Prokhorov (1916-2002) was one of the founders of laser sciences, a Nobel prize winner, and for many years an Honorary Chair of the Laser Optics Conference. We dedicate the conference to his memory.

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