Sergey Ivanov

Short Bio

Sergey Ivanov received his Master Degree in electrical engineering, with honor, in 1983 from St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University, at the basic Chair of optoelectronics of Ioffe Institute, established and led by Zhores Alferov. Since 1983 he has been working at Ioffe Institute, St. Petersburg, where he received PhD in 1989 on molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) of ultralow threshold AlGaAs/GaAs QW laser diodes (LDs) and made his habilitation in 2000 on MBE and basic research of wide gap II-VI QW and QD nanoheterostructures. His current position is a Director of Ioffe Institute, Head of the quantum-size heterostructures lab. He with his collaborators published about 600 articles in peer-reviewed journals and 10 book chapters. He gave about 40 invited and plenary talks at the International conferences. For many years, he served as the IAC and IPC member of regular International conferences in his research areas, in particular, ICPS, II-VI Compounds, ICMBE, IWN, ISGN, EuroMBE. He also organized and co-chaired several of them in St. Petersburg: PLMCN4 (2004), II-VI-2009, ISGN4 (2012), EuroMBE 2017, IWUMD4 (2019).

His research interests lay in the field of MBE growth and properties of low-dimensional heterostructures based on III-V, III-Nitride and II-VI semiconductor compounds for photonic applications. He has developed an original self-consistent thermodynamic approach to description of different phenomena in MBE of III-V and II-VI compounds, which helped him and his collaborators to perform pioneer research on MBE of advanced low-dimensional heterostructures for wide spectral range photonics - from mid-IR to deep-UV. Among them are the world lowest threshold (40A/cm²) AlGaAs/GaAs SCH QW LDs with graded index superlattice waveguide, various Sb-based QD nanostructures, the world first green II-VI LDs with a CdSe QD active region, novel multi-functional photonic and spintronic III-V/II-VI hybrid heterostructures with a coherent heterovalent interface in the active region, and III-Nitride structures from bulk InN to low-threshold AlGaN QW lasers.