International Summer Topicals "Photonics for Future"



The Summer Topicals "Photonics for Future" pull together several International Summer Schools for young scientists focused on different research areas:


  • The School "Photonic nanomaterials" will include invited talks given by prominent scientists in the field, oral and poster presentations peer-reviewed by the session co-chairs. The school covers different topics related to synthesis, modeling, characterization and applications of different types of nanostructures, including semiconductor nanowires, quantum dots, and hybrid nanomaterials.


Vladimir G. Dubrovskii, St. Petersburg State University, Russia, School Co-Chair

Frank Glas, CNRS and Université Paris-Saclay, France, School Co-Chair




  • The School "X-ray synchrotron and laser research methods in materials science" provides participants an interdisciplinary program to learn the opportunities in ultrafast X-ray and laser science and their impact on research in materials science. The invited lectures tackle various topics such as XFEL sources, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, X-ray microimaging, X-ray resonance reflectometry, X-ray structural analysis, Synchrotron-related spectroscopy techniques, X-ray twisted photons.


Alexey E. RomanovITMO University, Russia, School Co-Chair

Pavel N. BrunkovIoffe Institute, Russia, School Co-Chair